by Daniel Stephensen


• A Field of Yellow Flowers

• Superposition: Selected Poems 2010 – 2012



• Read to you by me

By the rage to love

So I suppose I do not know how he really looked and, in fact, I suppose I shall never know, now, for he was plainly an object created in the mode of fantasy. His image was already present somewhere in my head and I was seeking to discover it in actuality, looking at every face I met in case it was the right face – that is, the face which corresponded to my notion of the unseen face of the one I should love, a face created parthenogenetically by the rage to love which consumed me. So his self, and, by his self, I mean the thing he was to himself, was quite unknown to me. I created him solely in relation to myself, like a work of romantic art, an object corresponding to the ghost inside me.

— Angela Carter, ‘Flesh and the Mirror’, in Fireworks